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Hot Mikado Cast List
Congratulations to the Cast of Hot Mikado!
(please be sure to read this whole document as there is a meeting on
Sunday that you need to know about)
We will have two casts, and who is in which cast will be determined soon.We would still like to have some more boys, so if you know anyone who is interested please have them contact the director, Amy Austin ( Also please remember that there are solos and lines remaining to be assigned to the Ensemble. We have cast you according to the information you put on your application – if you said you were willing to play any role, we expect you to honor your commitment. If you said you were only interested in specific roles and we did not cast you in one of those roles, then we did not cast you at all. There will be a Parent/Cast Member Registration Meeting this Sunday at The Art Underground. Tuition, materials and costume fees are due at this time. You will receive your script and rehearsal information after you have paid the fees. To make things less congested, if your last name begins with A-M, please arrive at 1:00. If your last name begins with N-Z, please arrive at 1:30. We will start a full cast read-through at 2:00 and we will finish at 4:00 so that everyone can get home for the SuperBowl – even if all you are interested in is seeing Beyoncè in the half time show . Once again – congratulations to all! This show is going to be a ton of fun and I'm looking forward to working with all of you!

Once again – congratulations to all!
This show is going to be a ton of fun.
Hot Mikado

The Mikado Juliet Faughnan, Natalie Hall

Nanki-Poo Alex Mautz, TBD

Yum-Yum Kaetlyn Arant, Aida Neitenbach

Pitti-Sing Abbi North, Anna Scholfield

Peep-Bo Emily Bollman, Carrie Douglass

Pish-Tush Charlie Kolbrener, Marcos Ospina

Ko-Ko Eli Bradley, Ari Looney

Pooh-Bah Peter Buchholz, Ian Matheson

Katisha Eve Olson, Emma Scholz (will also be dancers in the opposite cast

Braid The Raven Hair Soloist
Sage Grunwald, Elise Legendre

Ensemble and Lotus
Flower Dancers

Emma Beck
Krista Broumpton
Rachel Dreher
Julia Jenak
Mason Noteboom
Bryn Redal
Lizzy Scholz
Jaime Sutton
Eve Olson/Emma Scholz (in opposite cast)

Ensemble and Cherry
Blossom Dancers

Gabby Arnold
Molly Bush
Emma Hempen
Miranda Hunt
Emma Kolbrener
Elle Meyer
Julia Olson
Wynne Royer
Shivani Valette
Libby Williams

(will include soloists, lines and
special groups

Samara Angel
Lauren Beatty
Bridget Burke
Molly Bush
Violet Cenedella
Brianna Chess
Eliza Cornell
Aerielle Deering
Claire Garland
Anastasia Hanson
Risa Hirsh
Maya Hiadisova
Sarah Kleppe
Kaitlin Knapp
Kelsey Knapp
Hana Lauer
Gwen Leifer

Maddie Lutz
Ana Melara
Hallie Saliman
Grant Saunders
Gretchen Shoemaker
Carlyn Tan
Leah Tan
Isaac Tipton-Snyder
Marcus Tweedy
Jessie Weise


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